Nick Markakis – Georgia On His Mind


Ow. My hand hurts after pounding the counter upon learning the news that Orioles right-fielder Nick Markakis has signed a four-year deal to play for (sniff) the Atlanta Braves. No longer will his serene, stoic, darkly handsome gaze grace the television screens in homes and restaurants and bars on steamy Baltimore summer evenings. No longer will young boys pick #21 as their baseball number in homage to him.  No longer will he be our trusted lead-off man. No longer can we just take for granted that right field will be an oasis of perfection.  No longer will base runners hesitate in fear of that canon of an arm. Markakis. Someone you could just count on day after day, night after night to quietly and consistently deliver. How will it even be Opening Day in Baltimore without the right-side resident of 2110 Eutaw Street?

Once again, baseball teaches us about life.  That nothing lasts forever – nothing bad, and nothing good.

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