David’s Price Tag

BOOM! Pause. BOOM! Pause. BOOM! Pause. The practice pitches of the college-age pitcher on the indoor mound hit the wall so hard last night that I swear that the massive building shook.  Suddenly the iPhones  lit up. “David Price to the Red Sox, man,” someone said. My son was in another cage in a catching lesson. I am not sure how exactly one can learn the subtleties of catching and simultaneously keep up to the minute on MLB trades, but this is their generation. They multi-task in ways that we never imagined. Five seconds ago is old news. The first thing he said when he came out was “Did you hear about David Price?”One of the guys looked at me surprised that I even know who David Price is. He must have assumed that I only follow the players in here. (As if).

It is now well reported that David Price has signed with the Boston Red Sox for a 7-year, $217 million deal, the largest ever given to a pitcher. So the Red Sox got to shop at Neiman Marcus for the finest of things, while we Orioles fans are lucky for a trip to the Dollar General. The biggest deal the Orioles ever made for a pitcher was for Ubaldo Jiminez for a paltry 4-year, $50 million deal. (Since when do I call $50 million paltry?) But, I’m not bitter. This is just our reality. Despite the money the Red Sox threw around last offseason, our Orioles still came out ahead of them in the 2015 AL East. So…there, Big Spenders.

David Price will have to earn every penny of that money, especially in a town like Boston. One screw-up and watch how fast they will turn. Its BOSTON. 

$31 million a year. Just to be David Price-like.

How did he get here? Keep throwing – and dreaming – guys.