The Louder They Get


“HEY you better LEARN YOUR RULE BOOK!” she screamed. Removing his mask my young umpire son turned to the crowd of parents. “Who said that?” he asked confidently. “I DID!!!” she yelled proudly, gesturing “come on over here!” “Well, that’s your warning.” he said and turned backed to the game. “No WAY that was a strike there. No WAY -you are the worst umpire I have ever seen kid you shouldn’t even be out here” she continued, demonstrating her lack of knowledge that any baseball thrown by an eight year old anywhere in the vicinity of the plate will likely be called a strike. (The second graders are not painting the corners, folks). He turned and pointed again “Leave now.” to which she stormed off, still griping.

She went directly over to the baseball director who told her simply “He did what I trained him to do. These umpires are kids too.”

The director gave my son a piece of advice that he and all of us can use. He said, “Just remember this. Remember this all through your life.

The louder they get, the quieter you get

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