Loathing in Las Vegas

Just look at my baseball blog over here; cold, lonely, abandoned and overgrown with weeds like the frozen baseball fields around here at this time of year. I post then don’t post then delete then reconsider then delete again. See what a lack of baseball does to the mind. We need its order, its clarity, its quiet sanity to set our brains back on to some semblance of a logical path.

“I could use more of a challenge!” I enthusiastically wrote to my boss in an email a few months ago in some baseball-deprived stupor. He lovingly obliged, at first dumping six of his new clients on me then backing it off to two realizing that even I cannot achieve the impossible feats he imagined. Still, there I was off to San Diego then to Tucson then to Nashville then to Denver and last week to Las Vegas where sadly, all they seemed to care about was basketball.

It was after midnight and the slot machines were humming “dink dink dink dink dink…” A distant roar “GO BABY GO!” rose from the craps table. The room was spinning with light and sound and smoke.

I was lost and loathing until I came upon this beautiful sight:

0314172201_HDR (1)

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