A Love Letter to Alicia Abbadessa


I see you Alicia. I love, love, love your team-matching blue nail polish and how your hair is just slightly starting to frizz in the August heat of Williamsport, PA. I feel a sisterhood with you. How you put your head down and plug your ears as your son Jude Abedessa, one of the stars of the Maine-Endwell Little League team in this year’s Little League World Series, takes the mound. This is no regular day at the field. ESPN is here. A lot of people are watching.

We baseball moms can appreciate what it must have taken to get you and your son to this place. The years of practices, the driving, the piles of muddy baseball uniforms, the meal planning, the schedule juggling, the wins, the losses, the physical and emotional toll. You are every one of us.

I  admire how you seek to protect your own peace. In an interview with your local WBNG TV station you said:”Honestly, that’s what I always do when Jude takes the mound. I think I feel more pressure than he does.” Of course you do. You know that no matter his age or his talent, to you, that’s still a tiny tee-baller out there.

I know where you come from because I come from the same place.  A sleepy little Upstate New York town near where a little company called IBM started and changed the world. As you well know, most of IBM and many of the jobs are gone from that area now. So are most of my friends who like me, have long since moved on to bigger cities like Baltimore, Washington and New York. I think you have to be from there to understand just what it means to bring this kind of an honor to that area. How sometimes Endwell seems forgotten or past its prime. How much of a joy it is to see that from an ordinary place, come such extraordinary kids and parents.

It has to be more than just pure baseball talent that brought your son’s team to the Little League World Series. They had to have been taught to work as a brotherhood. To respect the game. To dedicate themselves. They must have learned that from parents like you.

My son’s grandmother lives just up the street from your son’s home field. Every time we drive by he says “There’s the sign, Mom. Home of Maine-Endwell Little League. New York State Little League Champions.” As a baseball brother, he always pauses with reverence and looks at the silent field saying, “I bet they dominate out there.”

Today the rest of the world got to see what your son’s team does as they became the 2016 United States Little League Champions. You know it is their victory, but it is yours too – and certainly a victory for everyone in Maine-Endwell.

Baseball can do that.

We can’t wait for the next time we drive by that sign and it reads:

“Maine-Endwell Little League. World Champions.”

But, like you said in the interview with WBNG-TV

“Win or lose, as long as they play their game, and they know they played their game and they stick together like they have, it’s a victory no matter what the outcome is. They’re winners in everyone’s eyes.”

In the meantime, I’m glad I got to know you, Alicia, if only vicariously. I felt like I was sitting next to you in those bleachers. You know us baseball moms are rooting for you. Thanks for doing us proud.



2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Alicia Abbadessa

  1. Alicia Abbadessa September 13, 2016 / 5:52 pm

    Thank you for sharing that with me and others. I am Alicia Abbadessa – otherwise known as Jude’s mom and I write that with great pride. For someone to relate and share their emotions with me means so much as do your words. Yes, we as parents devote so much time and energy and love to our children, but we do it without question or complaints. It is just another day to us moms.
    As you know, our area has definetly changed. I was born and grew up and returned home to Broome County and have seen and experienced the ups and downs… but our area, our people, always come through and find the positive in things. I believe that this past summer and this little league team has brought back the life and positive attitudes in so many and has brought new energy and appreciation for Broome County. these boys don’t really have any idea the impact that they have had and probably won’t till they are in the 30’s or 40’s which is ok…. they just want to go about doing what they always have, be together, play some ball and have fun!!!
    Again, thank you for your lovely letter. I truly do appreciate it and am thrilled that through me, you could experience all the joy, stress, anxiety and just pure pride and love that we all have for this great group of boys, coaches, families and all the supporters from around the world….especially our little town in upstate new york.

    Alicia Abbadessa aka – Jude’s mom


    • She Talks Baseball September 25, 2016 / 8:40 pm

      Thank you so much! I am so honored that you even got to read my tribute to you on this little corner of the internet!!! I don’t know what more to say beyond my original post, but to thank you again for your part in creating such wonderful lifelong memories for your family, your teammates and the people of Broome County :). We can’t wait to see that sign in Endwell – “World Champions.” I will think of you! Have a wonderful “offseason” (as if there is one!).


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