“SWEAT DRIES.BLOOD CLOTS. BRUISES FADE AWAY. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP. ONLY TOUGH GUYS PLAY BASEBALL.” the t-shirt for sale on this “Baseball Moms” Facebook page read.

And then another shirt, possibly even more horrifying :


Stop. Please stop now. Having been to several youth baseball tournaments I have seen a lot of baseball moms. Some carry baseball-themed totes with their team’s name embroidered on the side. Some pace the sidelines like a cheetah in captivity while others calmly watch the game. Some are screamers, some are braggarts, some are anxious, some are indifferent. But never could I imagine any of them wearing either of these ridiculous t-shirts.

Another post on this page showed a cute sign for a kid’s bedroom that read:

“To fall asleep, I count baseballs instead of sheep”

To which a commenter wrote:

“That is MY SON TOTALLY to the max all day every day baseball is all he thinks about and it is probably my fault because I have had him in tournament ball since he was 4.”

Gee, and we thought that 8u was young. Do they even have tournaments for 4 year olds?

And another sign that read simply:


To which a gramatically-challenged reader replied:

“Sounds about right don’t it Joni?”

Hey, by all means eat, sleep, baseball. We all do.

Just please don’t do it wearing one of those t-shirts.

2 thoughts on “Cringe-worthy

  1. The Baseball Bloggess April 14, 2016 / 11:08 am

    This is the curse of Cafe Press … when anyone who thinks they have a snappy saying “designs” it on a tee-shirt and can try to sell it online. I get all sorts of strange tee-shirt suggestions on Facebook and they’re all weird, badly designed, and frighteningly knowing. One was about being from North Dakota, but living in Virginia — which the Facebook-bot could figure out, of course, but was still creepy when it showed up on my feed. You may know where I’ve lived, Facebook-bot, but you clearly don’t know that I don’t wear tasteless crap!

    Lots of incredibly bad Orioles shirts, too. Let’s just hope those shirts you saw were “designed” by beer-filled idiots and no one ever buys one. (But if you see someone wearing one … let us know! And, by all means, ask them where they got it!)

    7-0. That was fun!

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    • MKD April 14, 2016 / 9:03 pm

      Oh that must be it! Seriously – I cannot imagine that there is much of a market for these shirts! HOW ABOUT OUR O’s????


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