Astros TV reporter Morales talks Hawaii scare

HOUSTON — Julia Morales and her family had been in Hawaii for only one day when they were thrust into the middle of 38 minutes of state-wide chaos. Having just arrived to Honolulu for a week-long vacation that would culminate with a cruise around the islands, Morales, the popular in-game TV reporter who provides updates Read More

Whitley looks to stay on track after stellar ’17

HOUSTON — Astros pitching prospect Forrest Whitley was front and center during the team’s annual Caravan and FanFest last week, signing autographs alongside All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa and manager A.J. Hinch, among others, while looking like a seasoned pro. Whitley, the Astros’ first-round Draft pick in 2016 out of San Antonio, looks like he belongs Read More

Watch Now – Analyze Later. Why I Love Baseball Scorekeeping.

We proudly arrived at our seats for Game 2 of the 2014 American League Championship Series game held in Baltimore last fall. There they were, right next to me, two fans, each displaying detailed old-school score books. “Those are your people.” my husband said. “You guys score?” I asked them. “Oh, yes. For every game,” Read More

A Long Way To October – World Series 2017

I discovered that the MLB AtBat app on my phone is still tuned to a page called “Season Scores.” It is dated Wednesday, October 29 and shows simply, San Francisco 3 – Kansas City 2. Final. SV-Bumgarner. I laughed at the understatement to describe what was one of the most thrilling performances in World Series Read More

No Place Like Home – Lets Go Os!

Today is the day that I have been waiting for since last October 14th when they practically had to drag me through the exit gates of Camden Yards at the conclusion of Game 2 of the American League Championship Series. On that day I walked deliberately, carefully stepping over all of the commemorative plaques where Read More

In Defense of Community Baseball

He had waited all season for this chance to pitch and there he was on the mound in the All-Star Game staring down a cocky little punk who had harassed him all through elementary school. I imagined that the thought of putting a fastball in that kid’s ear had crossed his mind, but as young Read More

He Really Likes Playing

Last year he was the proverbial “man.” He dazzled us all, especially his father, with a .560 average and a few towering home run shots. He walked tall, with a confident swagger. The morning of the All-Star Game his father, our team’s coach said to me, “I have been dealing with some personal issues off Read More

Today’s Attendance in Major League Baseball: Zero

Two outs on a double play and all that could be heard in the ballpark was, well, nothing. “Crush” Davis launched a homer to deep right and again, silence. Catcher Caleb Joseph signed imaginary autographs for imaginary fans. A few players tossed foul balls into the empty seats for ball collectors that were not there. Read More

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